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মান নীতি ও মান লক্ষ্য

মান নীতি 

GENERAL ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING COMPANY LTD is committed to provide full satisfaction to its customers in terms of quality, reliability and completion time/delivery time for all types of products and repairs of its range keeping quality improvement drive as a continuous process. It has been working to gain and establish TRUST of the customer as a manufacturer of best quality transformer. This commitment will be achieved by:

  • Maintaining its upgraded Quality Management System (QMS) as per ISO 9001: 2015 with commitment for continual improvement of the QMS.
  • Increasing its production and sales turnover.
  • Reducing the customer complaints.
  • Reducing the machine breakdown.

This quality policy will be communicated & under-stood within the organization and reviewed from time to time for its continued suitability.


মান লক্ষ্য

Management of GENERAL ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED (GEMCO) has adopted the following Quality Objectives.

1. It will maintain its upgraded Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standard and will also maintain the obtained third-party certification by

  • Implementing and Maintaining the Quality Management System as measured by subsequent successful surveillance audit and re-certifications.

2.   GEMCO will continually increase its production and sales turnover.

3.   With a view to achieving a continual growth of its customer’s confidence and satisfaction, GEMCO will become customer responsive for all of its products.

4.   It has a target for its main machinery to minimize the break-down maintenance and optimize the maintenance cost by incorporating planned and scheduled maintenance work with a view to reducing the m/c down time.

These objectives will be reviewed from time to time for its continued suitability and applicability in the system.