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মিশন ও ভিশন


The enterprise is manufacturing quality Transformers and other Electrical Equipments for national agencies like Bangladesh Power Development Board(BPDB), Dhaka Power Distribution COmpany Limited (DPDC), Dhaka Electric Supply Company (DESCO), West Zone Power Distribution Company Limited (WZPDCL) etc. and for private organisations to contribute to the electrification of the country and the enterprise is contributing in saving foreign currency through deemed exporting.

The company is looking forward to implement Projects like Power Transformer manufacturing and manufacturing of single phase wound core Transformer to cater the demand of Rural Electrification.

To achieve the goal GEMCO has understated MISSION:

GEMCO is devoted to it's customers, nation and society through manufacturing and selling excellent quality transformers and other electrical equipments for the satisfaction of its customers and for the promotion of energy sector & society as well followed by a Quality Policy.


To become a world class organization and to manufacture world class electrical equipments with focus on customer satisfaction GEMCO has its VISION: To become excellence in Transformer business (manufacturing and selling) and contribute to national vision-2021.